How To Make A Penguin Puppet, Part 1: Tracing and Cutting the Pattern

How To Make A Penguin Puppet, Part 1: Tracing and Cutting the Pattern

Penguins are amazing. Unfortunately, they make terrible pets. Fortunately, you can make your own penguin puppet. The best part? You don’t have to feed it! This tutorial will walk you through the steps necessary to create your own Adelie.

The supplies you will need:

  • black fleece
  • white fleece
  • orange fleece
  • 1/2″ foam sheeting
  • black foam sheet
  • white foam sheet
  • 1/8″ MDF or Masonite or other thin but stiff material
  • thread
  • fabric glue or very strong adhesive
  • pattern

1. First, download and print the pattern and cut out the pieces along the heavy black edges.

Here’s the link to the pattern:

2. Next, we trace the pattern. I started with the black fleece, which is the back body, the head, and the top-side of the wings. Let’s begin by tracing the Back Pattern.


Then cut the back body.


3. Trace the first wing.


Then cut it out.


Then flip the pattern over to trace the other wing. This is important if your fleece is more textured on side than the other.


And cut that wing out, too.


4. Now trace the first side of the head pattern and cut it out.



Just as we did with the wings, we need to flip the head pattern over and trace it from the other side. Then cut it out.



5. Now on to the white fleece. Trace the chest pattern and cut it out.




6. Trace the wing pattern again, remembering to flip it over for the second side.


Cut both patterns out.


7. Trace the mouth and beak patterns.


Flip the beak patterns over and trace the other side.



And cut! That’s a wrap for this post. All of your penguin pieces are ready for the next step, Sewing.

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