How To Extract Images from a Video with avconv on Linux

Suppose you’ve got an awesome video that nobody is watching and you want to create animated GIFs from excerpts of it so that people are forced to see your genius in action. But how do you extract images from a video? You’re in luck! Using the super-powerful avconv on Linux, you can quickly and easily break a video down frame by frame.

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Gender Roles and the Media

“Media [are] powerful in that they are unavoidable” (Lester 6). We are constantly bombarded by media in the form of commercials, billboards, and other advertisements blatantly telling us who we aught to be. Media as entertainment also has …

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Dissecting a Muppet Whatnot Puppet

FAO Schwarz wants you to believe that their Whatnot puppets are real, genuine Muppets. After tearing mine to pieces, I’m almost certain these puppets have very little in common with the real deal. Perhaps the most striking thing …

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